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About Great Atlantic Prints

We are a small team of content creators, designers and photographers offering a selection of digital and physical media related services.

A Long Journey

Our Story

It started with a basic point and shoot 35mm film camera that my mums used on very limited occasions.  I would often borrow her camera, grab a roll of film and set about photographing the Town where I lived – Penzance in West Cornwall to be precise. I would photograph everything from the grave yard to the harbour, passing traffic and odds and ends around our small family home.

I loved the whole process – Load the film, take photos and then wait for the results to come back from the photo lab.

Now its far more easy although slightly less fun as the results are instant, no more waiting for the photos to come through the post, you can even choose the photos you wish to keep or delete if you so wish to – I’m talking about digital photography / cameras now.

I started with a compact digital camera, then a bridge, then a DSLR and now Im using Mirrorless, I have what you’d call a mixed bag of gear and equipment, I enjoy having a choice and sometimes limiting myself to the very basics and not the latest all singind and danding mirrorless camera, sometimes its very basic kit, I am passionate about the images I create and if others enjoy them too then thats cool.

(Left: Pentax Q7 with kit lens)